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Modern lab facilities across Townsville, Darwin and Perth

The Australian Institute of Marine Science provides staff, visiting researchers and commercial clients a range of modern laboratory facilities at each of its three locations in Townsville, Perth and Darwin.

Led by a commitment to research excellence, AIMS delivers advanced technology and infrastructure including specialised analytical facilities, organic/inorganic chemistry and microbiology. Each laboratory meets national and international standards for best practice and hosts a suite of the latest scientific instrumentation and equipment - some available nowhere else in the world.

AIMS’ exceptional research facilities feature:

  • More than 10 specialised laboratories across Australia, with over 100 experienced laboratory scientists and technicians;
  • Secure sample storage, including large walk-in fridges and 20° C freezers, in addition to several large freezers at -80° C; and
  • Large data storage and efficient lab book monitoring and archiving across the laboratories.

Analytical Laboratory

Our analytical laboratory provides assay services for carbon, nitrogen, alkalinity, pigment, and nutrients in seawater and solid samples.

PC2 Laboratories

AIMS Townsville is home to two PC2 labs for the study of living marine organisms and marine systems using molecular technologies. Including biosecurity Class 5.2.1 premises.

Chemistry Laboratory

Our Townsville chemistry lab is home to AIMS microplastics research and the study of biologically interesting compounds from marine organisms. Also used for the study of microplastics in the marine environment.

Biomolecular Analysis Facility (BAF)

The Biomolecular Analysis Facility allows for the structural determination of interesting biological compounds from marine organisms and study of microplastics in the marine environment.

Arafura Timor Research Facility (ATRF)

Based in Darwin, this multidisciplinary facility provides access to biochemical, coastal oceanographical, physiological, molecular, and genetic analysis technologies.

Symbiont Culture Facility

This specialised facility houses the culture collections of marine symbiotic algae for research for both internal and external researchers. The facility houses instruments for the study of ecologically important marine algae such asIPAMs, microscopes, and controlled environment cabinets.
Chromatography Laboratory

The Chromatography lab allows for the separation and identification of organic compounds from marine systems.

X-Ray Laboratory

Our X-Ray lab houses the coral densitometer used for the study of coral growth and calcification.

Laboratories at sea

The RV Solander and RV Cape Ferguson provide laboratory facilities for on board sample preparation and storage.

General Purpose Laboratories

Across Townsville, Darwin and Perth, our general laboratories allow for analysis of marine water, sediment, and organisms using microscopic, chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques (HPLC, spectrophotometry, fluorometry, & others).